Forfeit Policy

We are implementing a new forfeit policy for all leagues. We've had numerous forfeits in other leagues so we are hoping this helps.


Two forfeits- excluded from playoffs.  


Scoring for forfeits- Kickball- 7-0, Flag Football- 14-0, Soccer- 2-0, Softball- 7-0.


When a team does not show up this wastes the time of everyone involved and costs their opponent a valuable game that they have paid to play. Forfeirs are not fun for anyone!


Our goal is not to punish for having to forfeit. It is to hold accountable those who do not give notice in advance so that we may make other arrangements for teams to get a game.


All forfeits must be made by 1pm the day of the game for weeknight leagues and 5pm the day before the game for weekend leagues. If a team forfeits after that time there will be a $25 fee that must be paid to the opponent. The $25 fee will be given to the opponent as a $25 gift card to the Famished Frog. The $25 fee must be paid the following week after your forfeit. 

Please email us if your team needs non-roster subs to help prevent a forfeit. If your team needs to forfeit please let us know as early as possible so we can let the other team know or find them a new opponent.   All subs must pay a sub fee.


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